Web Writing on Dickinson College syllabus and Inside Higher Ed blog

1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 WebWritingA-400pxWhile Web Writing is only a book in-progress, Professor Sarah Kersh has already assigned it to students at Dickinson College. The syllabus for her course, “Writing in and for Digital Environments,” emphasizes how “students will think about the stakes of writing in a range of digital environments — blogs, online forums, personal collections. . . as well as the politics and history of publishing, copyright, and the public domain.” For the course topic on liberal arts and civic duty, Professor Kersh assigned Web Writing contributor Susan Grogan’s essay, and two additional essays by choice. Looking forward to reading comments by liberal arts students at Dickinson (and elsewhere), to help shape the direction of a book that’s designed to enhance their learning.

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 In addition, Barbara Fister, who blogs at Library Babel Fish on Inside Higher Education, published a post today on “Web Writing and Learning in the Liberal Arts,” in which she reflects on the process of commenting online. Barbara finds the process to be “a fascinating perspective on how we might teach writing and how we might rethink our own writing practices,” though that hasn’t stopped her from raising tough questions in the manuscript. (See all Comments by Commenter, listed alphabetically, to learn what she and others are thinking.) Incidentally, the day we launched the book manuscript, Barbara intentionally “outed” herself as one of the four expert reviewers commissioned by Michigan Publishing. The Trinity College editorial team decided not to announce the identities of the four in advance, to avoid deferential treatment and to blur the boundaries of authority on who’s considered an expert. But each reviewer has the right to reveal him/herself, and Barbara explained her reasons for doing so in her initial comment, which we admire.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 Less than two weeks into the open peer review, the book has received over 240 comments, many of them quite substantive. Don’t miss out, and join the conversation to shape the direction of the volume by October 30th.

Source: https://webwriting2013.trincoll.edu/2013/09/dickinson/