Quick thoughts on first day of Web Writing open peer review

1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 WebWritingA-400pxConsidering that Web Writing experienced a half-hour of downtime this afternoon due to an unusual network outage at Trinity College, we had a relatively good start with the first-day launch of our open peer review, which runs for six weeks. Many new readers came to our site and stayed to read some essays, thanks to posts by Brian Croxall in ProfHacker, Meredith Kahn at Michigan Publishing, two of our contributing authors (Siobhan Senier and Laura Lisabeth), and several Tweets (which, when I spot them, I try to retweet with our designated hashtag #WebWritingBook). 1 More importantly, readers posted nearly thirty comments on the manuscript, and all of them very substantive ones. Furthermore, one of the four expert reviewers posted on the site and intentionally “outed” herself to make the process more public. We informed the commissioned experts that the editorial team will not reveal their identities during the open peer review to avoid deferential treatment, but of course, they may choose to state their roles. All commenters are using their full names, as we requested. See what they’re talking about today by going to our site (http://WebWriting.trincoll.edu) and clicking on the Comments sidebar > Activity > Recent Comments on this Book (which you’ll have to do if you want to find out who “outed” herself, because I’m not saying!). Looking forward to what tomorrow brings. . . and to finish and upload my own essays, which didn’t get finished during this weekend’s marathon to prepare for our Monday morning launch.

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