How this book evolved

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  • Ideas & Proposals (May 1st – June 22nd, 2013): Prospective contributors and readers share and discuss essay ideas and proposals to focus the direction of the book as a whole. To be eligible for a $300 subvention, include the phrase “Essay proposal” in your comment and describe in 200-300 words, with links if appropriate.
  • Subvention selection (by June 30th, 2013): CTL will contact all proposal contributors and select 5 essays to receive $300 subventions to support the writing process, with preference to authors in greater financial need (e.g., students or faculty not in full-time, tenure-track positions), payable upon submission of an acceptable full draft in mid-August 2013.
  • Full drafts due (August 15, 2013): All who posted proposals are encouraged to submit full drafts of their essays, ranging between 1,000 to 4,000 words (including Chicago-style footnotes), plus supporting evidence from web links and digital media (such as screenshots, screencasts, images, or video). Acceptable essay formats include MS Word or WordPress (with more detailed instructions to come). All contributors must submit a signed agreement with our intellectual property policy (with downloadable form to come).
  • Draft selection and web prep (August 15th – September 15th, 2013): All drafts that meet CTL expectations will be posted to the website and organized for the open peer review. Authors who do not advance to this round will be notified via private email.
  • Open peer review (September 16th – October 30th, 2013): Expert reviewers (commissioned by CTL and/or a scholarly press), authors, and general audiences will share comments and constructive criticism on individual essays and the book at-large.
  • Requests to revise & resubmit (November – early December 2013): Based on the open peer review as well as our own judgment, CTL will invite authors of selected essays to revise & resubmit for inclusion in the final manuscript. Authors who do not advance to the next round will be notified via private email.
  • Resubmissions due (January 30th, 2014): CTL will assemble and edit the final manuscript, write introductions and conclusions, and provide authors the opportunity to review the text before proceeding further.
  • Submission of the full manuscript (March 2014): CTL will publish open-access digital editions of the book under its own imprint and/or submit the manuscript to an open-access scholarly press for further consideration, and potentially, broader publication. UPDATE: Read the finished book at http://epress.trincoll.edu/webwriting.
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